Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Growing

Ancient Earth Organics has been designed to deliver what cannabis craves.  By mimicking the attributes of soil in nature and elevating it to the high nutrient demands of the cannabis plant, Our soil delivers all the necessary ingredients for a healthy and flavorful plant. As a fully-amended living soil, Ancient Earth Organics provides soil microbial life with the essential nutrients required to produce optimal growth and quality product.

The “Just Add Water” design makes cannabis growing essentially foolproof, saving the grower both time and money.

Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Ancient Earth Organics differs from other cannabis cultivation soil mixes (often referred to as “marijuana” cultivation soil) that simply focus on powdered nutrients. Our team of growers, horticulturalists, and soil scientists studied cannabis cultivation in natural environments all over the world to help determine what cannabis needs to thrive. We uses living microorganisms to effectively break down food for your plants and provide them a nutrient-dense environment as they grow.

The living soil interacts with its surroundings for more effective nutrient delivery over a longer period of time, preventing both burning by excessive nutrients and/or washing out of nutrients. This formula can be used both indoors and outdoors for optimal growing year round.

Benefits of Our Living Soils

There are several advantages provided by Ancient Earth Organics & Our Living Soil. First and foremost, the formula was designed specifically for cannabis cultivation for an entire life cycle of a plant. With ample organic matter the soil has built-in pH buffering capacity and is a balance of readily available plant food as well as slow release nutrients delivered as various stages of the plant’s life.

In addition, our soils were created to balance water retention and drainage. We included a number of different materials in the mix to ensure that your plants are perfectly hydrated. This also helps prevent nutrients from washing away, so your living soil becomes a sustainable part of your growing operation that won’t break down too fast. The regenerative properties of the microorganisms within the soil will revitalize it day after day for prolonged success.

With the help of our unique formula, your plants will grow larger and they will retain more of their natural properties whether used as indoor cannabis potting soil or outdoor gardening soil. You will enjoy a stronger flavor, more pronounced coloring and a better cannabinoid profile from your plants.

Get Started Today

With such an incredible blend of ingredients, nearly anyone can grow cannabis successfully on their own. We invite you to try Ancient Earth Organics and discover the difference that a nutrient-dense soil packed with life can make in your growing. You can bet your plants will appreciate the fresh new soil and reward you with bigger harvests all around.