Wholesale with Ancient Earth Organics

Ancient Earth offers wholesale gardening soil like no other on the market today. In fact, our wholesale cannabis soil is the only product optimized to maximize the yield and quality of cannabis the way nature intended.

If you are selling products for cannabis and growing supplies in the B2B marketplace, Ancient Earth Organics is a natural partner for you. Our cannabis soil bulk orders empower wholesalers to serve the fast-growing medical and recreational cannabis industries.

Continue reading for more information on our bulk potting soil opportunities.

How to Become a Cannabis Soil Distributor with Ancient Earth Organics?

Ancient Earth Organics is committed to providing quality products to businesses throughout the cannabis supply chain. All we ask is that you provide some information that will allow us to evaluate your business and ensure that Ancient Earth is the right partner to meet your needs.

Specifically, we ask that you:

  • Furnish information demonstrating you are a registered U.S. business;
  • Provide basic information on the cannabis clients you intend to serve;
  • Disclose current or expected supply agreements with licensed dispensaries.

Once we process this information, you will be welcome to make your first wholesale order. You can maintain your wholesale status by continuing to make minimum orders on a 30- or 60-day rolling basis, depending on your needs and our initial determination.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ancient Earth Organics Wholesale Program

Is the Wholesale Program appropriate for retailers?

No. Our Wholesale Program is intended for business-to-business (B2B) suppliers in the cannabis supply chain. Please see our Retail Program page for information on selling direct to consumers as a Ancient Earth Organics retail partner.

Is there a limit on cannabis soil bulk orders?

Our team works tirelessly to ensure our wholesalers’ inventory needs are met promptly. The minimum purchase for wholesalers is 10 bags of Ancient Earth Organics Soil.

Although not required, we appreciate advance notice, as reasonable, if you expect your bulk order needs will change substantially. This helps us to ensure that everyone gets the products they want.

Does Ancient Earth Organics offer favorable invoicing and credit policies?

Ancient Earth policies are intended to help your business grow. We will be more than happy to discuss adjustments on invoicing and inventory policies for long-term wholesalers. Our goal is to get Ancient Earth Organics into as many hands – and as many gardens – as possible.